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Holy Cross Families,

With the forecast of extreme weather for the next few days, we want to give you a reminder of our policy regarding school delays and closures.

Rarely will only the cold temperature result in a delay or closure for Holy Cross. Most often, school districts close due to temperature because of the number of students walking to and from school and/or the amount of time typical students would need to get to or wait at a bus stop. As we do not have busing, this greatly limits the amount of time our students would be exposed to the temperature for any significant amount of time. Any time that we would have to have students go outside, such as walking to the gymnasium for Mass or P.E., we will make sure they are bundled up.

Still, if it is necessary to delay or close the school, we will send communication via e-mail on Jupiter, the Remind App, social media, and local news stations. A delay or closure can be hard for many of our working parents to adjust their schedules, so we do take great consideration in our decisions. Rarely will we have a simple delayed start.

Whenever cold weather is in the forecast, please make sure your student arrives to school properly prepared with jackets, hats, and gloves. Already we have many of our students only arriving in sweatshirts and hoodies. Sweatshirts are not jackets and are not adequate for our Central Indiana winters.

If at any time you feel that it is in your child’s best interested to stay home because of the low temperatures or road conditions, it is your right to keep them home. Depending on the circumstances of the weather, their absence may be excused. Please remember to call the School Office (317-638-9068).

Thank you for your continued partnership with the Holy Cross faculty and staff in your child’s educational success.


Mr. Matthew Gring

Principal of Holy Cross Central School