|    Jupiter Ed

Dear Holy Cross Families,

As many of you know the Church of the Holy Cross discontinued Sunday Masses on May 15, 2016.  The Archdiocese has generously allowed the school to continue having mass in the church since the beginning of the school year.  We knew that this was a temporary situation.  We have come to the crossroads where it is time for the school to no longer use the church building.  This is a sad time for everyone who has felt connected to the church.  I know that many children have learned about their faith along with being baptized, receiving their first Reconciliation and first Holy Communion in the church.  Although this is a difficult time for the school it is not the end to the traditions and beliefs that are part of Holy Cross Central School.  We are blest to be able to continue to operate as a Catholic School and to be able to continue to worship in the Catholic faith. 


How is that possible?  The students will have mass each week on Thursday in the school’s gymnasium.  The gymnasium will be transformed from the gym to our worship space.  Fr Chris Wadleton will say mass, we will continue to learn about the gospel, and the tenants of our faith.  Students who are Catholic will be able to receive Holy Communion each week.  Students who wish to become Catholic will still be able to go through the sacraments and become Catholic.  In last week’s homily Fr Chris asked the students what we needed to take to the gym to have mass.  The student answers were simply amazing!  We need candles and lighters.  We need the water, wine, and the hosts.  We need songs and prayers.  We need to Jesus.  Fr. Chris asked how we take Jesus to the gym.  One bright student replied, “In our hearts!”


We are saddened by the change and we are blest by the opportunity to continue to grow in the Catholic faith and have mass every week.  If you or your child has any questions about the change please let me know, I will be happy to help.

Yours in this Christ filled education,

Mrs. Hittel