|    Jupiter Ed

Dear Families,

Our first week of school was very productive.  Thank you for sending your child to Holy Cross.  We have been very focused in our first week to ensure that all children know the rules and expectations for being successful.  The operating norms that we have been focused on are:

  1. Dressing for success.  We are helping the children prepare for success by ensuring that each child is in the proper uniform.  The uniform should include a belt and the shirt should be tucked in.  We are also requesting that students wear only white t-shirts under the polo shirt.  Many students received a belt on Friday and should wear that belt or a belt you purchase everyday.
  2. Proper hallway decorum is one way we can keep from interrupting student learning.  Students are asked to walk through the hallways in a straight line and without talking.  When we are too loud during class changes it can interrupt the learning of students who are still in the classroom.  Proper hallway procedures are a safety precaution as well.  
  3. Daily greetings have been a focus.  We believe God is in all things.  How we greet one another is one way we show that belief.  Each staff, student and visitor to Holy Cross deserves to be treated respectfully.  When you are invited into a place with a smile and a greeting you feel welcome.  We want everyone to know how valuable they are to our school community.  

The root belief that we have spent our first week learning more about is God in All Things.  Jared Kiley, a student from St. Xavier High School in Ohio wrote a prayer that is perfect way to look at God in even the smallest thing. I hope you enjoy.

Under a leaf, in a snowflake
In a blade of grass, in a raindrop
All parts of nature

In your parents’ loving embrace
In the phone call from your grandparents
All family relationships

In working and sharing with others
In helping the unfortunate
All volunteering jobs

Where are you able to find God?

Lord, help me to find you in all ways and walks of life.

Yours in this Christ filled education,

Mrs. Hittel