|    Jupiter Ed

Dear Families,

Our first month of school is coming to an end-can you believe it?  We continue to welcome new families to Holy Cross and we are excited to be approaching full enrollment.  Thank you for sending your child to Holy Cross.  We have been very focused in our first month to ensure that all children know the rules and expectations for being successful.  The operating norms that we have been focused on are:

  1. Dressing for success.  We are helping the children prepare for success by ensuring that each child is in the proper uniform.  The uniform should include a belt and the shirt should be tucked in.  We are also requesting that students wear only white t-shirts under the polo shirt.  Students will begin receiving notices for uniform violations.
  2. Proper hallway decorum is one way we can keep from interrupting student learning.  Students have been practicing being quiet and respectful as they walk through the hallways in a straight line and without talking.  Proper hallway procedures promotes safety and respect throughout our school.
  3. Daily greetings have been a focus.  We believe God is in all things.  Ask your child how to properly greet a classmate or another adult, and he/she should look you in the eye, give a firm handshake, and introduce himself/herself.  We welcome your help in continuing to make this a norm in your home too!

The root beliefs that we have spent our first month learning more about is God in All Things and There is no limit to our learning.  This week, we will begin memorizing a new morning prayer that focuses on our beliefs, goals, and the chant that closes our Morning Assembly: Seek, Persist, Excel Love Serve.


We are constant learners who seek to know you ever more fully. Inspire in us a thirst for knowledge.

We are a community that transmits the values of our faith to all we meet. Grant us the grace to inspire in those around us a fervent desire to seek, persist, excel, love and serve in all we do.

We are witnesses who seek to make God known, loved, and served every day. Give us eyes of faith, that by learning more about the world and the people in it, we might come to see, ever more clearly: GOD IN ALL THINGS. Amen.

Yours in this Christ filled education,

Mrs. Hittel